Sunday, December 20, 2009

Home with the Fam

I love being home. I feel completely surrounded by love when I am here. Everyone cares about me and we all have so much fun hanging out, eating and playing games. I know everyone says it, but it's funny how the older you get the more they mean to you. I just love how much I can trust them. I love knowing that they all genuinely care about me. This Christmas is going to be the best too :) My mama said it's going to be a lean year, but that's totally cool! I'm just so excited to have all of us sleep over here at Mom and Dad's house like old times and ALL be together. Being home is the best!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Would you Rather?

Would you rather...
have 3 days of NO fun packed full of finals and projects followed by being home in 3 days
have 4 (maybe 5) days packed full of finals and projects with little fun followed by being home in 5 (maybe 4) days??

This is the current would you rather question I have to decide on. The "rathers" may seem about the same... but not to me! I kinda just want to get home and get the pain of finals over with! We'll see which "rather" I really want over the next few days. None the less, I will be home soon!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's about time!!

I've been meaning to get one of these for awhile!
Right now I should be working on a design for a website for class.... not happening so much!

Sunday I got back from Thanksgiving at home.
Thanksgiving was pure bliss! I had such a good time at home with my family. I love them so much and love being with them. And being back here in Utah I think I am for once actually a lil homesick. Usually I'm cool with being wherever, but to be honest I just want to get back home for Christmas. Two and a half weeks! That's all :)

RANDOM story: so when I walk to school, there is this cool little short cut that cuts through the bushes and makes getting to the Snell building so much quicker! Don't worry, I've gotten a few weird looks as I appear out of the shrubbery. Anyways, so today Marci and I were walking to my place for lunch and go to cut through only to be surprised by some old man cutting through my shortcut too!! Marci and I almost paused for a second, weirded out by someone else walking through there too! I always thought I was the only one to cut through there but apparently not! Marci and I sure did get a good laugh out of it!