Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Party in the... Jerusalem!!

So it’s been awhile… And I’ve found the longer you go without blogging, the harder it gets to actually get yourself to post something!

So much has happened and I’ve been loving it all!

First off, we went to Egypt for a week. It was amazing!!

A few highlights:

Dance parties on the bus
Long conversations with friends
Seeing the Pyramids
Seeing desert land that seems to never stop
Riding a camel
Seeing Karnack and Luxor Temple
Felucca boat rides on the Nile
Scary Egyptians hitting on you, “Lovely eyes”
Watching the sunset on the Nile
Dancing in the club of the hotel
Hiking Mount Sinai
Looking up at the sky speckled with stars
Watching the sunrise on top of Sinai
Singing hymns that make me feel closer to God
Hearing the testimonies of my new, close friends

The list goes on. It was a great week and most definitely brought all of us closer to each other.

Since Egypt we’ve had quite a bit of fun and I’ve learned that studying seems almost impossible here!! It’s just too hard when you eat, sleep, study, go to class, go to church, and party with the same people! We all have way too much fun!! It’s always a party in the pita!!

The Mustache Militia. Gag me.

The men of the J.C. decided to make a pact to grow out ‘staches for a minimum of ten days. And don’t worry, they even signed contracts! There’s one thing I learned from those horrible ten days. Mustaches just aren’t attractive… except for Aaron’s. The Mustache Militia closing party was one of the best days of my life! We heard raps, poetry, blog entries, and songs about everyone’s feelings about the ‘staches, a lil out of control! The ladies of the 309 (Elissa, Stella, Becca, and I) wrote a lovely song called Meager Mustache Men expressing our anti-stache views. Someone had to! Elissa and I sang it that night and it was a pretty big hit, not gonna lie! Most of the guys have shaved them now, thank goodness!

Valenstines Day (as our security guys say)
So fun!! I think this is probably my most favorite Valentine’s Day ever! During the day a group of us went to the Chagall windows, soo pretty!!
We also went to Church of the Visitation and the St. John Ba Harim church. All of this was in Northern Jerusalem. I liked it a lot on the Northern side. It had a different feel than East and West Jeru. It was much more chill and not as busy. While walking around, we found this amazing Gelato place. It was soo cute! We ended up getting two rounds of gelato that we split between Bentley, Emmy, Ron, and I. Soo good and so worth it!!
That night we had open mic night. We had a real good time, as always. We heard sappy poetry, love songs, movies, uke sing along, etc. It was great! My Valentine, Greg sang me a cute lil song, I loved it! My other personal fav was when my roomie sang My Heart Will Go On (from Titanic) to Tall Blonde. She has a killer voice and Tall Blonde’s reactions were priceless! It basically left all of us rolling around on the ground laughing our heads off!! Then of course we couldn’t end the night with anything but a dance party! The party began to trickle down around 11 but about six of us stayed and ended up dancing for another hour acting like five year olds. I love that we’ve all gotten to the point that we have no reserves with anyone here!

Last night for FHE we went to the Jackson’s AND we made cookies!! So tasty!! I miss baking and miss home made cookies! We had a good time talking with each other and getting to know them. I feel like there is a lot I can come to learn from them these next few months.

School. Oh, oh yeah!
We have three weeks til Galilee! Yay! But this means these next couple weeks are going to be craycray!!