Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh hi.

Hmmm, I haven’t written on here in a little while Blog. Sorry about the neglect. SSoooo this month has been crazy busy!! Home for two weeks, Alaska for one, and San Francisco til now.

Home: amazing and sooo good to see the fam bam, but not enough time to just chill. I did get to see a few close friends though!

Senior Year Besties! It was soo good to see Chelsy and Cami.

Alaska: Cruised all over Fairbanks with my fam, grandma, and her two fatty Chihuahuas.

Grace and I in Alaska. This trip brought back so many memories of how trips used to be when we both live at home. Miss those.

San Fran: Andrea and I walked our lil feet all over San Fran, saw the tourist classics, and got to see Andrea’s “hip & artsy” school.

Andrea and I. I'm going to miss my cousin mine.

Today: Flew home and am packing up Thelma and

Tomorrow: Drive up to P-town!

Day after Tomorrow: Still in Provo Aaand in Provo to stay!

Lets just say I’m excited to be in 1 place for awhile :)