Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ultimate Bed!!

When Lindsay, mine and Emma’s close friend from Jerusalem, comes down to sleep over, we like to make what we call ULTIMATE BEed!! This is something that started in Jerusalem when we would take our mattresses outside on the back patios of our rooms and put them together to enjoy sleeping outside. Good times!
After making it a couple times, we decided to leave our beds like this permanently. Anyways, when Linds comes down, I get the joy of waking up to this:

It sure makes me smile :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Roadtrips are fun to do doo do dooooo do

What a week! I’ve been in 3 states this week and have had quite the adventures! So Tuesday evening, Marci and I took off in Thelma (my car) for Lake Powell. Lake Powell is a place very dear to my family. We’ve been going since before I can remember and make a point to go every year at least once. It’s been harder as the Gordon fam has grown up, but we finally worked out a week where each of us could go!

Here's the whole Fam Bam

It got a little chaotic at times with so many people on one boat; I guess this happens with big families, but we still had a good time together! The water was still a little chilly, so we stuck to kayaking and hiking. Sadly, a huge storm blew in this weekend Aaand one of the engines decided to quit working so most of my fam is still out on the Lake til it all blows over! I just pray that the weather lightens up so they can get the houseboat back to the marina! We’ll see what happens here in a day or two..

Idaho. After driving back to Provo on Saturday, I got right back in the car and drove up to Burley, Idaho with Andrea, Mandy, and Landon. Our close friend, Morgan’s, mission farewell was going down. We had a wonderful time at the Stoker home and had a great last hurrah with Morgan. We all ended up staying up til 4 am joking and laughing like we did freshman year and lastly having our last “floor time” talking about our life wants and goals. I love how close we are and how much we truly care about each other. I’ve never had this close of a friend leave before and it’s really quite foreign for me. Morgan has been a best friend to me since freshman year of college, so I’ve come very used to having her around to talk to, be with, and count on. From the selfish side, I’m sad to not have her here with me at school, but I know the Lord needs her and that she will touch many lives just has she has mine. Good luck my babe and I WILL be writing you just as I promised!

Morgan, Mandy, Andrea, and I: Roomies 08'-09'
We're going to miss you Momo!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back in Provo

I’ve found I am terrible at blogging! Just wanted to say that real quick!

I got home from Jerusalem on the 23rd of April, was home for a few short days and drove up her to good, ol’ Provo for classes this spring. Things have been changing so fast and the pace hasn’t seemed to be slowing down, so I feel like I haven’t really had time to soak in all the change happening around me! It was sad to leave beautiful Jerusalem, but life is still happy :)

Life this summer:
• I’m living with a good friend from Jerusalem in a cute little, blue house
• I’m taking 3 classes and working writing lesson plans
• I am going to Lake Powell next week with the Fam Bam, can’t wait!
• I’m going to the Dominican Republic in June to teach tech classes

It’s a busy summer, but let the adventures keep on coming!